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Gathering Volumes                                                                        

Used Book Credit Policy

We accept books to be used for store credit towards a discount on your purchases at Gathering Volumes. New or used, you will always pay a portion of the price of any book you buy, but our credit reduces that price. Gathering Volumes does not pay cash for used books and there is no cash value on store credit so the store credit cannot be converted to cash, but it is good while there is activity on your account.  We reserve the right to refuse any book brought in for credit.

This policy applies to all individuals wishing to trade in books.
Store credit is calculated as follows:
        • 25% of the cover price for accepted soft covers purchased at Gathering Volumes
        • 15% of the cover price for accepted hard covers published in the last 6 months and purchased at Gathering Volumes
        • 15% of the cover price for accepted soft covers purchased from other vendors
        • 10% of the cover price for accepted hard covers published in the last 6 months and purchased from other vendors
        • $0.50 for accepted hard covers published more than 6 months ago

Books brought in for store credit must be in re-sellable condition and are accepted at management’s discretion.  The following will cause a book to not be accepted:
Type of Book Condition of Book
Remainder (marked by the publisher) Mold or Water Damage
Advance Reader Copy or Uncorrected Proof Broken Binding
Library Discard Ripped or Missing Pages or Covers
Book Club Edition (such as Reader’s Digest) Evidence of Insects
Magazine Multiple Copies already in Inventory
Encyclopedia Bears Another Store’s Stamp or Insignia
Textbook Deemed Unsellable by Management

The credit that you receive will remain on file and will not expire as long as there is activity on your account in the last 12 months.
Store Credit can be applied as follows:
        • Up to 50% off your purchase of used books
        • Up to 25% off your purchase of new books (cannot be used with any other discount)
Store Credit cannot be applied to:
        • Special Orders
        • Events including Author Signings
        • Local Artist Products
        • Jellycat Products
        • Essential Oils
        • One brown paper grocery bag of books may be brought in at a time.
        • Sales tax must be applied to all purchases including those using store credit. Sales tax cannot be paid in store credit.
        • Please print your first name, last name, and phone number on each bag that you bring in for credit to avoid confusion.
        • You must let us know when you bring in your books whether or not you wish to have refused titles returned to you. Books refused must be picked up before leaving the store.
        • Once your trades have been processed and added to your credit, they are then store inventory and will not be returned.
        • Credit does not need to be redeemed the day you surrender books.
        • The time necessary for trading books may vary - customers requiring assistance, an event taking place, or orders being placed, etc. may delay trade.

We understand times are tough and so we try to offer a number of ways to save you money, including through Store Credit. However, just like any business, we need to remain at least a little profitable in order to keep the lights on. This is why, for now, we can only offer a percentage off of each book with credit.