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6 Months of History/Social Science Books - Recommended for 4th to 6th GradeSee more
Sponsored by Create: Art Studio + Workshop, Nedley's Ice Cream and Cafe, and Gathering Volumes

Are you looking for some high quality books on History, Foreign Cultures, and other Social Science topics for your 4th to 6th grader? We have created a subscription service where we will provide one book on the topic each month as well as a secondary book in case your child has already read the initial suggestion. The book selections will include historical fiction as well as nonfiction selections. The readers have one month to finish the book and to let us know what they learned from it. They will receive a sundae from Nedley's Ice Cream and Coffee Cafe, a certificate, and inclusion on the Rewards Poster created by Create Art Studio for their efforts!
Additionally, each student can choose to donate their book once they finish it and it will be given to a Wood County library/school/hospital in need of young adult books. This is purely voluntary and the student is always welcome to keep their books if they desire to.

You can subscribe for a 6 month period for $12 a month, or you can purchase the book each month for full price. If a second book is desired for a parent, a second book is available at a 40% discount as well.

Click Here or stop in store to purchase!

Below are examples of the types of books we will be reading: